Jetsetter Glow™ - Our Luxury Travel Collection will transform your skin care experience by providing travelers with superior sheet masks complimenting your existing beauty regimen. 

Our products are free of parabens, they are vegan, and have not been tested on animals. A sustainable solution that will enable you to travel with products that reduce single use of plastic containers therefore reducing your carbon footprint. 

While your lifestyle can be filled with social events and time zone changes, here are two important factors you should know about aging and your skin:


Intrinsic Aging and Extrinsic Aging Factors

Intrinsic aging is related to our biological composition. This is how our DNA cells dictate what will happen to our bodies including our skin. It is based on your genes therefore it can’t be controlled. A well-balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle can have a positive impact on our skin and bodies.

Extrinsic Aging however can be reversed and controlled. This is associated with external factors like sun exposure, lack of sleep, smoking, poor eating habits, dehydration and more.  Fortunately, with awareness you can take action, and prevent premature aging for overall wellness.

“The right skin care products, along with specialized treatments performed by a licensed professional, can help restore your skin, prevent collagen loss, or more seriously, skin cancer”

Sonia Mace 


Facial Sheet Mask

Our Facial Sheet Masks are loaded with antioxidants, Hyaluronic Acid, Tea Tree extract, Lactic Acid, Fruit Extracts, and peptides, all working harmoniously to deliver soothing hydration instantly. Our formula is designed to repair and protect your skin’s acid mantle, collagen, and elastin for a radiant glow. 

Eye Sheet Mask 

Jet lagged?  Say no more! Our eye masks are filled with powerful antioxidants needed to brighten and tighten your eye area. It isn’t a secret that caffeine has been a popular ingredient in countless eye creams because of its “anti-puffy” and brightening effects. We have created a formula that synergistically combines caffeine (Polyphenols) with Palmitoyl Hexapeptide-12, Neuropeptides, Hyaluronic Acid, Marine Algae, and Green Tea Extracts, leaving you looking refreshed.

Lip Sheet Mask 

Our lips, especially women’s, are constantly suffering from dry conditions due to chemicals found in our lip beauty products, and other external environmental factors occurring while traveling. 

With our plumping lip masks, you will enjoy taking 15 to 20 minutes to relax and apply a spa like treatment with a botanical blend of Citrus Extracts, Green Tea, and Cinnamon that help plump and hydrate your lips.